Welcome to ManyChat
At ManyChat, our goal is to help small businesses grow and realize their potential through better connections with their customers. We also believe that great software shouldn't cost a lot and only be available to big companies with big budgets.

We're here to change small business communication. And we want to help not the few, but the Many.
The Messenger Marketing Revolution
The chat revolution is upon us, in our personal lives with SMS, over country boundaries with Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, and within companies with Slack. Yet, when we talk to businesses, we revert to email, Web forms, landing pages, and the phone.

We believe all of that is ripe for change. Conversational platforms like Facebook Messenger are allowing small businesses to have dynamic and engaging conversations with their customers from qualifying leads, to helping eCommerce shoppers find the right product, to delivering great support. We provide the automation that allows those billions of conversations to happen.

Our goal Is to disrupt the $5BN+ email marketing industry by bringing the convenience of messenger products from our personal lives into business-to-customer communication. We grew 5x over the last 12 months and are powering over 3 billion monthly conversations.

Learn more about the impact we're having on our blog at messengermarketing.com
About ManyChat
ManyChat is a Messenger Marketing and chatbot platform founded in 2015. Our platform empowers businesses to create Facebook Messenger bots for marketing, sales, and support. We help businesses improve their ROI and grow faster. We are the founders of Messenger Marketing as a marketing discipline and the fastest growing company in the field. We power more than 500,000 businesses all over the world to have 3,000,000,000+ monthly business-to-customer conversations.
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